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New GAF Timberline Shingle Roof, Totowa NJ

New GAF Timberline shingle roof, new solar powered exhaust fan, new 5in K-Style aluminum gutters & leaders, new Bonded double hung vinyl replacement windows, masonry chimney repair with new flashing in Totowa NJ. [Show thumbnails]  


During the winter your attic should be as cold as the air outside! Five Things Are Required For an Ice Dam to Form: snow heat to melt the snow cold to refreeze the melted snow into solid ice inadequate house insulation poor ventilation Ice dams can form when as little as 1 or 2 inches of

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Certainteed Cedar Impression with Double 4.5 Vinyl Siding

Thank you Raven Recycling for trusting us with your new home. New Bonded energy star 701 series double hung vinyl replacement windows, Certainteed Cedar Impression with Double 4.5 vinyl siding and new 5 inch gutters with 2×3 leaders. Kinnelon NJ

Preventative Medicine for your Roof this Winter

Last winter had a huge impact with ice damming causing home owners a lot of stress and money.  Heat tape is a powerful tool in preventing ice and snow from building up on the roof and halting proper drainage through your gutter system, leading to possible leaks.   What is Heat tape? Heat tape or heat

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