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Leaks Caused by Ice Damming Very Likely this Week, West Orange NJ

If you’re finding leaks today, it’s most likely due to ice damming.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have damage in the roof or siding such as penetrations or tears.  It means that the snow is melting with the warmer weather & because of too much heat in the attic due to improper ventilation. The

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During the winter your attic should be as cold as the air outside! Five Things Are Required For an Ice Dam to Form: snow heat to melt the snow cold to refreeze the melted snow into solid ice inadequate house insulation poor ventilation Ice dams can form when as little as 1 or 2 inches of

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What is an Ice Dam & why is water coming into my house?

This is the worst winter that we have seen in years with ice dams due of the amount of snow and cold temperatures we are experiencing. Why is water coming into your house and what is a snow dam?  The problem starts with poor attic insulation and ventilation. That allows heat to escape and turn the

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