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8 Things Your Roof Is Trying to Tell You

Looking for a new home? Better have some knowledge on your side to spot any issues.

Read this article from Popular Mechanics pointing out important signs of the most common roof issues, especially when in the market for a new home.  Save it, print it out, share it!  

How to Make Your Exterior Home Color Stand Out

Do you want to spruce up your landscaping to add some curb appeal without making a major home improvement?  Do you want to add the right landscaping to add that stand out finishing touch to your new siding or new paint job but don’t know where to begin?   No need to panic, here is

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West Orange NJ Helping Disaster Relief for West Orange, TX

People all over the country want to know how they can help our fellow Americans in Texas.  Our home town of West Orange NJ has set up a program to help our fellow “West Orange” neighbors in Texas.   Click Here for more information! “If West Orange, NJ residents would like to contribute to assist

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What is an Ice Dam & why is water coming into my house?

This is the worst winter that we have seen in years with ice dams due of the amount of snow and cold temperatures we are experiencing. Why is water coming into your house and what is a snow dam?  The problem starts with poor attic insulation and ventilation. That allows heat to escape and turn the

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Snow Day!

McCollum Roofing & Siding is out and about today plowing and clearing for our customers.  Stay safe out there and our advice is to try to stay in until things quiet down and the streets are clear.   Be sure to take extra care of your pets today, even though they are furry they still

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