Q: Does your company carry workers compensation and liability insurance?

Kinnelon NJ Roofing

Kinnelon NJ Roofing & Siding

A: Yes, we carry both workers compensation and liability insurance.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We have been in business since 1986.

Q: How long will it take to complete my roof or siding?

A: Every job is different, but the average residential roof rip will take two days. The average siding

job will take about a week.

Q: Can you go over my existing roof?

A: Most towns will allow two layers of roofing. However, some towns want to know the distance

from the gutter to roof ridge and what size rafters you have. They are concerned about the weight of

the second layer. Contractors should always contact your building department and ask them if you can

add a second layer on your existing roof. We always recommend ripping your existing roof so we can

inspect the decking and rafters so you can get the full manufacturers warranty.

Q: What do you do about protecting my siding, landscaping, deck and walkways?

A: We always protect your siding, landscaping, decks and walkways with tarps and plywood.

Q: How does your company clean up once the job is complete?

A: The job site is cleaned up everyday. We never leave debris on the ground over night. Our men

walk around the job site with magnets that are used to pick up nails and staples that we cannot see.

Q: How can I choose the right contractor?

A: A few things you can do is to make sure you get 2 to 3 different estimates, pay attention to the

materials being used and ask for references. Also, check the Better Business Bureau and see how the

contractor rates.